News - posted on May 1, 2003 by


This will probably be our last update before the big show with Death By Stereo so I’ll try to make it a good one.  First and foremost this will be our first show since January so please come out early and show your support!  We’re going to be playing some new songs that have never been heard before which is always an event in itself.  They either go great or they go horribly … there is no in between.  Also, this show is going to be the official release of our first actual record … a 7″ for ‘Get In The Van’ on Infringement Records.  We’ll have them for sale at the show including the limited edition ones on blood red vinyl!  You might have noticed we added a few more shows to our calendar as well.  One is in Portland w/ Bigwig and the other is in Longview w/ Himsa and Countdown To Life.  Both of them should be great shows and we’re totally looking forward to both of them.  Another thing we’ve got coming up is a few appearances on some more compilation CD’s, most notably ‘Shut The Punk Up 3’ on New School Records (along w/ NOFX, The Deviates, Thrice and more).  For more info and release dates check our discography page.  Needless to say it’s shaping up to be a good few months and we’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again at the shows.  Oh yeah, big ups to the PDX/Longview street team people for helping with the flyer distribution!