Show Review - posted on May 18, 2002 by

Show Review

Next up was 800 Octane. This Portland crew has built up quite a local following, and it seems like they always manage to secure a good turnout at their shows. Their great sound, and catchy lyrics draw new fans to every show, and tonight they put on a great one. Their set list was a killer mix of stuff off of their latest release, The Return, and several of their older tunes. Including crowd favorites like ‘Berserker’, ‘Day of the Dead’, and ‘Get In The Van’. And they gave props out to their street team, which is always cool. (of course they forgot to mention the FIRST person to hang flyers for this show in town, who shall go unnamed) Overall this was a great show, and all of the bands gave everything they had to please the crowd. (PJ / Kick Back Punks)