Show Review - posted on October 31, 2003 by

Show Review

800 Octane was just the band to provide that rock. I said earlier that 800 Octane never fails to entertain, and tonight’s show was no exception. If anything they put on their best live performance I’ve yet seen from these PDX cats. They came onstage decked out in skeleton shirts and zombie makeup, splattered in blood, and proceeded to start things off with a bad-ass cover of the Mistfits’ “Halloween”. Things didn’t slow down after that. Lead singer Dave continually spit blood into the crowd, who were going nuts, moshing, dancing, hopping onstage to sing along, and crowdsurfing throughout their entire set. One of the highlights of their set was the always crowd pleasing “Day of the Dead”, when several members from the crowd along with members from other bands playing took the stage to sing along with the band. The band is always great to it’s fans and tonight they had people flinging candy into the audience for the entire duration of their set. I’m talking probably 20 pounds of candy here. (note, do not stare at candy being thrown at your face, tootsie pop sticks hurt when they plunge into your face).” (PJ Crader /