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Show Review

“800 Octane’s first trip to the Wow Hall, Eugene’s main All Ages venue, in over two years was long overdue. I have seen several shows at the Wow Hall over the past few years, as well as several 800 Octane performances – yet never have I seen a crowd respond quite like this. The band came a short 100 miles from Portland to the Willamette Valley college town to play in front of approximately one hundred screaming fans. Several songs from the bands breakout album “The Return” were shouted along with by members of the Eugene faithful, and a few true fans even sang along to new tracks off of the bands most recent album, “Rise Again.” After two albums with the same drummer, Jim decided it was time to move on from 800 Octane, which opened the door for Dustin. This was my first time experiencing the new rhythm sounds and I was very impressed by the technical advances that the band has taken by adding Dustin on drums. As usual, 800 Octane was right on and thrived off of the crowd’s enthusiasm. Dave’s vocals were right on, as were the guitar stylings of Eric and Justin. After 11 years and 427 shows, they’ve done more than most punk bands can say for themselves by not only surviving for this long, but also improving as time goes on. Keep rocking!” (Crave Magazine / Alex Cook)