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Show Journal 2013-10-11

Longview.  Thursday.  Bar show.  Given the criteria, I was expecting about 10 people and to my surprise there was probably 30.  This may sound like a bad night in the making, but given the tiny room and the fact that everyone knows each other it was not too bad of a night.  I still maintain we have more history with people in Longview than in Portland.  Unfortunately, we missed the first band perform because Justin can’t tell time.  Thankfully, we did arrive in time to see the Independents play.  It’s been a few years since I’ve seen them play and I always forget how good they are live.  They can rock it live in just about any situation, which is impressive.  Whenever we play with them I also can’t help but compare notes.  We’re almost the same age (they started 1-2 years before us) and they have been full time touring musicians from the start.  To say I’m jealous of them is an understatement.  They aren’t selling out every town or playing on TV, but they get to play with tone of great bands, have very loyal fans all over the place, get to see the country and play music most nights.  Invariably, I have that moment where I think, wow, what if we would have played our cards differently and gone full time?  That dream is short lived though, because the answer is we would have imploded and given up years ago.  The fact we’re all still friends and get to play music isn’t half bad.  I’ve digressed.  We played last, which was intimidating.  We can keep up on energy, but how do you follow a band with a bubble machine?  You don’t.  You just hope people forget and don’t hold it against you for not providing some soothing ambiance.  We did bust out a few oldies including Berserker, which hasn’t seen the light of day in many, many years.  After the show we headed out to a 24 hour Jack in the Box, reveled in the artery hardening goodness of the Munchie Meal (seriously, “exploding chicken?”) and with the Independents following behind pressed on back to Dave’s compound.  Small crowd, but a very fun night.  Thanks to all of those who came out on a weeknight and stayed late!