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Show Journal 2013-09-03

It’s been awhile since we’ve played a big show.  Big venue.  Big stage.  Big sound system.  Big headliner.  No disrespect to the bars and dives we normally frequent, but this was a nice change.  The best part about the evening was the fact I didn’t feel old at a show.  For the past few years we’ve been more and more frequently the oldest people in the club.  Tonight?  Not the case at all.  D.O.A. has been at it since 1978.  For the mathematically un-inclined that’s 35 years.  That’s older than two of our band members.  It was great seeing people ranging from their 20’s to their 50’s getting rowdy at a show.  The Clackamas Baby Killers were up first and I thought they were awesome.  Very fast, super energetic and just on the edge of out of control.  Circle pit during the opening band?  Yes, please.  Absent Minds played second and had a range of fun, catchy songs.  More rowdiness ensued.  It turns out we had played with them once before at a house show, however due to the tiny room I never actually knew what they looked like.  We were up third.  Pretty lively bunch of people up front, which was awesome to see.  Nothing too unusual happened tonight, except for the performance of New Song #2, which came out of its 5 year hibernation.  Highlight of the set?  Dave taking a song request via phone and then denying that request publicly.  Low point?  Dustin starting Requiem at half speed for our second to last song.  I only mention this detail because he was so ashamed of his actions.  He should be.  D.O.A. was up last and although I’d never seen them before I thought they were great.  Everyone joked that if I played music for another 20 years I’d probably look like the singer.  Black shirt, camo pants, red SG guitar, white hair and a slightly poor posture.  I can see that.  However, it would all be an illusion because he was a badass at guitar and I am not.  In fact, it was kind of inspiring see a band of that generation rock it so hard.  Most bands from the 80’s are phoning it in and these guys are still belting it out like it’s the most important thing in the world.  I’m so stoked we got to play this show.  Thanks to Thrasher Presents and the Hawthorne Theater!