Eric's Show Journal - posted on February 25, 2012 by

Show Journal 2012-02-25

About nine months had passed since our last show so we were pretty stoked to play tonight. All in all the show was pretty awesome. Cool venue, decent sound, good sized crowd and quite a few familiar faces. In fact, we saw some folks tonight we hadn’t seen in many years, some in almost a decade. It’s weird to think we played a few songs that were older than some of the people attending. Our set was pretty uneventful and drama free. We snuck in Ghosts of Monochrome, which we hadn’t played in years. Of course when you only play once a year that statement is pretty meaningless. Now, this is the part of the review where I comment about how much I liked 48 Thrills. To mix it up, we’re going Mad Libs style. 48 Thrills sounded _____ tonight, which is no surprise since they are _____. They have been one of our _____ bands since we met them in _____ while playing with _____. Hopefully your interpretation was positive and didn’t involve any phallus jokes. Speaking of phallus jokes, the highlight of the show actually occurred during the load out when at least 3/4 of the band members noticed and made inappropriate comments about what Dustin later dubbed “the world’s hottest tranny”. Stay classy Old Town. Thanks to Jeff and Backspace, all the other bands and the people who came out of a cold and soggy night. We really do appreciate everyone who comes to these shows and lets us keep playing. Next show in 2013?