Eric's Show Journal - posted on April 24, 2010 by

Show Journal 2010-04-24

The show was short and sweet with two good bands opening up and a decent sized crowd of many familiar faces. As much as I enjoy getting to play on a big stage with bright lights and massive sound systems, a cramped and poorly ventilated garage is just as much, if not more fun. Unfortunately I missed Bad River, but Dave reports they were very good. I did witness Almost Is Nothing, and I must admit they were pretty awesome. They were very metal and I would dare say their lead guitar player was one of the better guitar players I think I’ve ever seen. Very cool stuff, especially at a range of 10 ft. At a normal show we would have been a pretty mismatched bill, but in the tiny garage it was all good. Before we knew it we were up and played a short and sweet set. No noise violations and no one stepped on Justin crippled foot. The only downer was loading out through the mine field of urine, vomit and feces. At least two of those materials were out there, but we aren’t sure which. Another secret best left in the tall grass beyond Thunderdome. All in all it was a pretty good night. Thanks Joel!