Eric's Show Journal - posted on April 16, 2010 by

Show Journal 2010-04-16

I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve played a show. We’ve certainly gone longer without playing a live (usually when a drummer spontaneously combusts) but this gap between shows felt like an eternity. During the past three months Dave was out of the country for nearly a month, Dustin has been playing shows with his other band, Justin has been back in school and I wound up getting married. With distractions and excuses like those not only will we maintain our title of “world’s most boring band” but we may have raised the bar, particularly in the domestication category. Additionally, in the weeks leading up to the show we had spotted a few “those guys are still around?” messages online. Yes, yes we are. We used to strive to be the best we can as a band. Now we are just trying to outlast the others. Anyway, given the slow lead up to the show and the lack of hype I expected to play poorly to an empty room. At about 9:00 it was looking very possible. Thankfully some folks started rolling in and life was good. It was cool hanging out and getting to play again. The Stims cancelled due to a double booking, so we got to see 48 Thrills first. They joke they turn down shows to play with us. The funny thing is we do the same because they are always fun to watch. Another solid set from those guys. The Them from Seattle was the reason we were here and also the reason we took this show. They had a pretty good mix of styles. It was sort of like the Misfits meets the Dwarves but with a slightly less serious stage presence. They were fun to watch and I’m glad to be playing with them again next week on their home turf. We were up last and nothing too particularly exciting happened. Good show, good people and a good night. Thanks to all who attended and also to The Them for asking us to play.