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Show Journal 2009-10-23

I say this a lot, but it sure is nice to play show with bands you know. We’ve known most of MRNB since at least 1998 and met 48 Thrills back in early 2005. It’s always cool to play a show in these circumstances because there is very little pressure to try and impress. It’s even better to have a room full of people show up for it. It had admittedly been a long time since I had seen the MRNB (not to be confused with the OCKBB) and I was pleasantly surprised. Tonight was actually unusual for them because they had a new singer on hand. Surprisingly the choice was not another large “could be a biker, could be a contestant in a toughman contest” but a relatively small female singer who actually smiled from time to time. Don’t get me wrong though, she had a tough voice, sported the requisite denim vest and added a whole different energy to the band. I must admit I was impressed. It was very nice to see them again. Our set was very, very warm. Seriously all I can recall was looking down and seeing that my knees had sweated through my pants. Stage lights are cruel and unusual punishment in such a small venue. I often think this is how they keep french fries warm, why me? Isn’t it time for a “green”, low intensity breakthrough in stage lighting? Al Gore needs to get on that ASAP. Beyond the profuse sweating I think we did ok. 48 Thrills was up last and blasted through their barrage of instantly hummable tunes. Their CD sounds good, they sounded good and all in all it was a pretty great night. Thanks to all.