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Show Journal 2009-08-07

Originally tonight was supposed to be a bar show at Players. A few weeks back the promoter called and asked if we wanted to play an all ages show as well before the bar show. Thinking it would be an interesting challenge we agreed. The plan was to go to the show play, then pack up and head over to the other venue and play there as well. I started to get pretty nervous when a few weeks prior to the show I noticed the all ages lineup was 7 bands and cost 11 bucks. This violated show rules #1 and #2. The bar show was scheduled for 5 bands which violated show rule #3. We were stoked for a few of the bands (Kill The Kids + Hands On Throat) but no matter how you cut it that’s just a lot of music. As is often the case karma seemed to sort out this situation for us. Here’s the scoop. We left Portland at 5:30, hit up Del Taco, gassed up and hauled balls to Bend. About the time we reached Gresham the promoter called and said “there is barely anyone here, we’re thinking about just cancelling the show and sending everyone to Players”. Show rule violation #4. We pressed on and made up time over the mountain. About 20 minutes outside of Bend we hear from the promoter that they did in fact cancel the show and were sending everyone to the bar. Show violation #5. We arrived to the bar where we were greeting by a few friends along with a myriad of bands all unclear if they would be performing at the show. In fact, it turned out due to some mix up the venue didn’t know there would be any bands. Show violation #6. Initially they agreed to put 3 of us up, which rubbed a few of the out of town bands the wrong way, but later allowed 4 bands to play. The whole thing was a little sketchy and I think everyone got a different version of the same story. Our goal of two rad shows had be downgraded to one ok show. In fact it was pretty much a repeat of our last show in Bend only a few weeks ago with 3 of the bands being the same, which of course is show violation #7. That being said, despite all the nonsense the show was pretty fun. The Cradle Robbers were up first, and then Majority Lost who really sort of stole the show. They were on tour from LA, and despite getting shafted on the all ages show sounded pretty good. We wound up playing 3rd and I think I need to go on public record and apologize to Hands On Throat for this. Earlier in the evening we were told that we’d start around 1:00 am. Yeah, uhmmm, no. Dave basically said there is no way we’re starting at 1:00, since we had to drive back to Portland after the show (show violation #8). They wound up switching us with Hands On Throat, and I really must thank them for this. It does suck having your spot switched on you, and it sucks more being stuck last. We really do appreciate it because as is we got home after 5:00am. Our set was ok. Not many people, but I think we played pretty well. Hands on Throat were last and they sounded pretty great. I definitely wish more people had seen them. We wound up leaving about half way through their set (show violation #9) but they seemed to be rocking it. On the way out we got handed our payout which was $40. We really don’t do this for the money, but when you drive so far for a show and all you get paid is a half tank of gas it’s almost insulting (show violation #10). We are more than happy to play for free and we usually do, but 7 hours in the van with $3 per gallon gas to play for 30 minutes and $40 really kind of rubbed us all the wrong way tonight. Of course we heard two of the other bands didn’t get paid at all (show violation #11) so I guess I shouldn’t complain (violation #12). Hanging out in the van was fun, playing was fun, seeing our friends is always fun, but the rest it retrospect the rest of the evening really kind of sucked. Thanks to Hands On Throat, Stephanie, PJ and Kaylin.