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Show Journal 2009-06-27

We tried to play in Roseburg 2 years ago and we had to cancel due to the van breaking down.  We tried last year as well, but had to cancel due to an unexpected trip out of the country for Dave.  The third time was a charm as we actually made it to the show and even got to play.  So was it worth the wait?  Well … uhhh … errr … uhmmm … kind of.   We showed up way late, which given our recent track record was no surprise.  We were however, very surprised to find the show was running almost 90 minutes late.  This was good because we weren’t rushed on stage but at the same time trying to take in 10 band bill is damn near impossible when people play too long or take too long to setup.  I would dare say the people in the crowd just looked worn out.  We caught the tail end of an acoustic set by someone who’s name I didn’t catch and most of It Prevails before we took the stage, or rather the floor.  I think we played well but after seeing hours and hours of bands before us the energy level was definitely a little low for the remaining spectators.  Of course, you could argue that people went nutty for the band before us and the band after us, so perhaps we weren’t that impressive after all?  Either way it did feel good to play even if only a handful of people really appreciated it.  Predictably there were some challenges, most notably the smell of burning plastic and smoke pouring out of the right PA main at the midway point of our set.  We’ve wrecked some gear before but I’ve never seen a smoldering speaker before.  I will say the experience is a whole lot cooler when it’s not your own stuff.  The dead main did mean our last few songs only had half vocal volume but we muddled through it.  American Me was up last and played a pretty bad ass mix of hardcore and got everyone moving.  I will say I’ve spotted a new trend in the world of hardcore and its athletic shorts cut above the knees.  I haven’t been to many hardcore shows as of late so this may be old news, but I think it’s safe to say there were so many white kneecaps bouncing up and down that it felt like we were watching the 1977 Celtics.  Anyway, those guys seemed awfully cool, got the crowd moving and ended the show strong.  Thanks to Erik for hooking up the show, the few familiar faces that had seen us before and to all the new bands who we met tonight.