Eric's Show Journal - posted on January 24, 2009 by

Show Journal 2009-01-24

Wow, I had forgotten what it feels like to play in front of people. Our past few shows have been pretty good, but not a couple hundred people good. While we were setting up I was handed an interesting item. I was given a 2″ button with our logo on it that we never produced. The guy who gave it to me said he saw it in a rockabilly shop in Hungary of all places. He swept it up and gave it to us which was way cool. I suppose the story could have been completely fabricated but why would anyone make that up? Better yet, why do Hungarians make buttons with our logo? Weird. The Bullies were up first and were entertaining as always. We played second and I think we did pretty well. There was a pit for most of the show which was very nice to see. What wasn’t nice was the rowdy dude in the front who kept grabbing Dave’s strings and pick and eventually smacked him in the mouth with the mic stand. The quote might not be precisely correct but Dave basically told him “if you hit me with that microphone one more time I’m going to kick you in your fucking face”. I’m not sure what happened as I was concentrating on playing the songs correctly and not sucking, but the next thing I know Dave’s foot is recoiling from his face and security guards are dragging him kicking towards the door. We finished solid and loaded out into the snow. Guttermouth was last and were really good. Different, but good. Mark is now the only original member and his new band is made up of people half his age. Although I had grown to like the other dudes in the band, these guys were were fast and energetic and brought a totally different energy level to the show. Beyond the lineup change it was typical Guttermouth goodness with sweat, spit, humor, harassment, insults and of course girls kissing. All in all an excellent show and probably one of the best times I’ve seen them. Big thank you to Mike Thrasher and crew, The Hawthrone Theater and all who attended.