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Show Journal 2007-09-15

You know your night is going to start off wrong when your vehicle has no brake lights, no speedometer and no cruise control.  We’re not sure why but despite the lack of brake lights Dave seemed to insist on braking suddenly and often the entire way out of town.  I am fairly sure this is the first time everyone was adamant about buckling up, attaching headrests and maintaining good posture while riding in the van as we were certain a truck would plow into us at any minute.  There wasn’t much traffic on the interstate so gauging our speed was tough.  We thought we were going fast enough until we got passed by a late 70’s model Plymouth with no muffler and rust holes big enough to put your hand through. First we thought we’d get pulled over for speeding but soon realized we were actually running the risk of getting stopped for impeding the flow of traffic.  About half way there we realized the GPS could be set to display the current speed.  Problem solved and a consistent speed was obtained.  It should be noted that the GPS also contains the voice of Mr. T who barks out directions, calls you a “fool” and threatens to “jump out this tiny machine” if you go the wrong way.  After a 25 minute stop at Jack In The Box we arrived at the show.  Sadly we missed all of Something Orange so I have little to report on their set.  Another small detail is that when I walked in there was literally all of about 8 people there.  I actually went out and apologized as it really was looking pretty grim.  GGTS set up and fortunately a few more people wandered in.  They sounded great as usual, with stronger vocals and even better sing along parts.  A cover by the man in black is always a plus too.  Pirex was third and sounded pretty good as well.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw make-up, blood and vampire teeth on the stage but was relieved to learn I would not be enduring a black metal band.  We were up last and thankfully a few more people wandered in.  Dave was in rare form tonight.  My favorite comment was his observation that “you may think I’m an active guy but I’m actually much more comfortable at rest.”  At some point Justin inadvertently mentioned we missed the first band because we were waiting at Jack In The Box.  That statement has made my Top 10 list of things never to say on stage.  Say you were stuck in traffic, say you were in jail, say you were doing lines off a stripper’s back, but never, under any circumstances, say you were late because you were waiting on chicken strips.  Ironically the strangest moment of the evening also involved food.  At some point between songs we were interrupted by an announcement from the sound guy who offered this query to the crowd … “did anyone order a turkey sandwich and forget to pick it up?  We’ve got an extra one here.”   It pretty much rendered us speechless and I am quite sure in 13 years it’s the first time we’ve heard that over the PA.  The crowd sang along, moved around and made an otherwise tiny show pretty kick ass to play.  The drive home only had one highlight, a small electrical fire in the speaker wire.  Our van is seriously going to explode soon I just know it.  Anyway, thanks to GGTS, the Matrix and all who traveled long and far and made the show fun for us.