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Show Journal 2007-06-09

The show tonight started off with a hearse rally. What’s a hearse rally you ask? It was a gathering of the Coffin Cruisers club of Portland and despite the rain they brought out about 13 hearses of varying age and styles. I didn’t see it until a few had dispersed but pretty cool to see darkening up the otherwise hippie-ish part of town. The show was cool. Missed the first band but Hot Rod Carl was pretty damn good. Antiworld was up third and I thought they sounded a little more rocking than normal. They are quite possibly some of the nicest people we know and we don’t get to play with them enough. Our set was uneventful and that’s a good thing. Pretty solid, no major mistakes, all good as the kids used to say. Sado-Nation was last and really caught all of us off guard. They started in 1982 and completely and totally rock. Seriously the guitar player was amazing and despite being several years older than us (and we’re old) I think they had just as much energy as we did on stage, quite possibly more. Very impressive and I’d like to see them again for sure. Thanks to all who attended and to Mt Tabor and Antiworld get getting us on the show!