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Show Journal 2007-04-28

Shows in Salem are always pretty fun and tonight was one of the best ones yet.  Unfortunately The Crawlers cancelled which was a bummer since everyone has been saying they are great.  Rather than starting later the venue had everyone start early which was a bit odd. Speaking of the venue, the Ike Box is awesome.  It was hard to put a finger on what was unique about it but it turns out the building used to be a funeral home. The upstairs décor is pretty creepy looking and the owner said the original equipment is still down in the basement. Next time we’ll have to get a tour.  Anyway, we got there at 7:15, loaded in and Accidental Gun Death had started by 7:30.  I know I’m getting old because I now get excited by shows that end early. Anyway, AGD was awesome as usual and have always been one of the most entertaining and rocking bands I’ve ever seen.  We played second and it was pretty good.  People moved and we were left a bag of Swedish Fish on stage so I can’t complain.  Nothing too memorable other than Dave announced ‘Lost At Sea’ was about pirates and sea men.  Say it fast and you’ll see why it was just a little wrong.  The Casketeers were last and it was probably the best I’ve seen them play yet.  They have a pretty good following and Salem and it’s cool to see them get the props they deserve.  Thanks for all who helped put on the show and those who attended.