Eric's Show Journal - posted on April 27, 2007 by

Show Journal 2007-04-27

We had heard tonight’s venue was off the beaten path and that was no lie. Only Roseburg and possibly McMinnville comes close for the prize of “least accessible Grange Hall”. As usual we arrived late and unfortunately managed to miss the two opening bands. For those in the opening bands, we apologize for missing your sets. We did catch one GGTS song performed by 2/3 of the band which is a plus, because whenever we think about Olympia we think about those guys. Although we were late, our trip up did have one mentionable moment. Actually two. Somewhere around Centralia we got flashed by girls in a passing car. To quote the great poet Sir Mix-A-Lot, “38 D’s will make a man skid”. I can now confirm that statement is in fact true. Sure it took a little prompting from Justin (who offered the subtle suggestion of raising his shirt) but in the end it was well worth the effort. Speaking of huge boobs, we did catch the entire set of The Royal Tees who did a damn fine job of rocking the small crowd. We were up last and highlights included a request and delivery of Pimp Ray, Dave calling things “gay” into the microphone, the crack in the stage that could have swallowed our singer’s leg and someone’s rancid body odor that 3/4 of our band assumed was Dave. Thanks to Kevin for setting up the show the Tees for just being the Tees.