Eric's Show Journal - posted on April 14, 2007 by

Show Journal 2007-04-14

I was a little nervous about this show.  We loved everything about Sabala’s and were a little skeptical when we heard they got bought by someone else and changed the name.  Needless to say we were very relieved to open the doors and find the place was largely unchanged keeping the same décor, sound system and overall dirty rock bar vibe.  Plus, they still have the coolest wall paintings and decorations of any bar in town and that goes a long way for me.  Sadly, The Independents had cancelled so we pushed back the start time and kept it a three band bill.   The Casketeers were up first and sounded pretty darn good.  I’d actually go so far as to say that was the best I’ve heard them play.  Very cool stuff and I find the stand up bass with spider webs hypnotic to watch.  Eat Your Heart Out was second and in keeping with the theme they sounded pretty amazing too.  I’ve always liked them but they really seemed to up the rock factor tonight and sounded really, really good.  They played so well in fact that I was a little scared to follow them.  Thankfully, our set went well.  No real problems to report and everything fell nicely into place which was a welcome change from the previous night’s struggles.  Funniest part for us was Dave’s special set list he made up for Justin which included a person’s face (presumably Justin’s) with the words “bla bla bla” and a big circle with a slash through it.  This was a well needed reminder for Justin to focus on playing and avoid his well meaning but often indecipherable rambling into the microphone.  Anyway, thanks for the Caketeers, EYHO, Dawning and the Mt Tabor as those who stayed up late to support some local bands.