Eric's Show Journal - posted on March 24, 2007 by

Show Journal 2007-03-24

In all of years playing Longview, this was actually the first time we’ve ever played a bar there.  Unfortunately it was also the first time we booked a show where there was another show in town happening as well.  If you aren’t familiar with the area, the pool of people in Longview that goes to shows is pretty small.  Take out the all ages group and you’ve cut out about half the crowd.  Then split it in half again for the two shows and you get what we got which was about 20-30 people actually paying attention and wanting to see music.  Don’t get the wrong, there were quite a few people in the bar, but most were there to drink, eat Chinese food or watch the UFC night.  I’m definitely not complaining though as everyone who stood up front seriously made it a blast.  Rick, Cory, Brady, Joel, most of Lung Invasion and a few others we didn’t recognize … I could have gladly played for that small group and been stoked.  They were noisy and singing along and made the Chinese Gardens feel like Madison Square Gardens.  We even saw Brady’s zombie dance (acts 1 and 2) which is always a plus.  We had a totally fun time.  Lung Invasion played last and seemed right at home with the increasingly intoxicated crowd.  Lights, guitar solos and metal … what more could you ask for?  Thanks so much to Nick and Lung Invasion for the show hook up!