Eric's Show Journal - posted on January 19, 2007 by

Show Journal 2007-01-19

Slight bummer on the show tonight. Much The Same (aka – the band from Chicago on Nitro Records that we wanted to open for) got in a bad van accident two night ago and had to cancel this show and several others. They are all ok but we were a little bummed as we were excited to see them play. The show must go on and it did. As usual with trips to Longview we arrived inexcusably late and only caught a song or two of the first two bands. I got to see a little more of the Scurvies set who are also on tour but from Alaska. Talk about a drive. Damn. They were pretty cool guys and fun to watch. As for our set, it was pretty good. Since tonight wound up doubling as Brady’s birthday party we let him write the setlist and he hit us with some old ones. Can’t recall the last time we played ‘Get In The Van’ or ‘Roads Less Traveled’ at a show. Pretty fun to bust out some less frequently played material. Highlights included lots of stage diving, Justin’s incoherent rambling and the mystery gasser who must have been situated near the front of the stage. Seriously, how can anyone smell worse that Reid’s? Anyway, thanks so much to all who attended on short notice, thanks to Reid’s and best of luck to Much The Same.