Eric's Show Journal - posted on January 6, 2007 by

Show Journal 2007-01-06

Kind of a strange evening as we were the lone punk rock band in a sea of metal and hard rock. Everyone was nice enough and the bands were plenty entertaining, but I’m really not sure we presented enough headbanging opportunities for anyone to really enjoy us. A couple of people moved around and we learned some interesting new dances but definitely not the same reaction we saw in Sandy last time. In retrospect I now realize we never turned down from practice volume which would explain why the middle cleared out and people covered their ears and moved to the side of the stage. Anything else note worthy to write about? Not really. I think Del Taco and my long awaited reunion with the del beef burrito was the highlight of the evening for me but then again I’m easy to impress. All in all a good show though and thanks to Nate for having us. It’s still amazing you can still get a better turnout in Sandy with two weeks notice than you can in Portland with two months warning.