Eric's Show Journal - posted on December 15, 2006 by

Show Journal 2006-12-15

Now that was an awesome show. So many friends we haven’t seen in a while came out of the woodwork that it was impossible not to have a good time. Every corner we’d see someone and think “holy crap I haven’t seen you in years”. Very cool. The show itself was great. Our homies The Civies kicked it off with fast sing along street punk. We played second to a pretty awake crowd. We played ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers tonight. The consensus afterwards was that the song was a hit for the folks in the bar but a little odd for the all ages portion who might not be familiar with the song or the chain of fast food chicken stores. Fortunately we chose not to play our alternate version called The Nambler or Dateline NBC would have shut us down. The Briggs were awesome. Solid and catchy punk rock songs. They seemed like super nice dudes too which is always a plus. The main reason of course was The Living End and I gotta say they were amazing. I had seen them last time in 99 at The Warped Tour at wasn’t that impressed. In a small theater it was a whole different story. They were incredibly tight, totally entertaining and they just controlled the crowd. It’s nice to see a band used to playing arenas rock a smaller club with even more intensity. Totally impressed. Didn’t get to talk to them at all, but they had a full tour bus and a line of fans waiting to meet them it’s all good. Thanks to Thrasher Presents and all who took the time to watch us!