Eric's Show Journal - posted on December 2, 2006 by

Show Journal 2006-12-02

Back to Olympia for our second time this year and in fact our second time ever. We arrived fashionably late as usual and missed the first band (sorry!) and caught the latter half of Aces Over Kings who was actually a pretty damn good band. We loaded in the cold (29 degrees), setup and rocked as hard as we could. We definitely got a better response than our last trip to the Manium. I think the show in Chehalis the prior week as a few people came out to this show too. Plus, if you didn’t move around a little your legs would most likely freeze and shatter in the unheated warehouse. GGTS was up last and sounded great. Definitely a lot more crowd participation which is always fun to watch. The trip home was uninteresting at best with the thickest fog I’ve seen in ages. All in all a pretty good night. Thanks to GGTS and Kevin for the show hookup.