Eric's Show Journal - posted on November 25, 2006 by

Show Journal 2006-11-25

Just when we thought we had played every small town in the Northwest Chehalis, WA comes along. We had heard really good things about the Matrix from quite a few bands and you know what, they were all right. The place was great. Nice owners, cool kids and a pretty nice community vibe to it. Due to a late arrival we missed The Wobblies. We had actually met and played with them before in Eugene or Corvallis and one can only assume they rocked. Desensitized Youth was second and sounded pretty good. Kind of street punk, and still pretty catchy. Go Get The Scissors was up third and I really like these guys. They sound solid, play well and are very energetic on stage. They always seem a few steps ahead of other bands their age. Very cool and always fun to watch. We had to play last which is always interesting in a place you’ve never played before (especially following “locals”). A few people up front knew all the words so that made it cool right from the get go. I’m not sure if it was the excessive volume or the spectacle of the jumping guitar player but people stuck and sang along where they could. Props to Taylor for the vocals and picking up the tab for dinner. More props to Michelle for the merch help, camera blinding and overall level of sass. Last but not least thanks to the Matrix and GGTS for the show hookup!