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Show Journal 2006-07-29

Well, not nearly the same crowd as our last trip to Salem, but the show was every bit as fun.  The Hornswogglers were up first and sadly I missed them as Justin and I made a run for food.  It took forever to find something which is ironic seeing that it was “The Bite of Salem” that night.  What’s with that term anyway?  Why does every town have “A Taste” or “A Bite”?  How about calling it what it really is … “the night people use as a catalyst for drunken fights on the city streets of Salem”.  Anyway, we did get back in time to see BXF who sounded pretty damn tough.  The slower song (‘voice’?) sounded particularly impressive in the cozy confines of the basement.  It’s always cool seeing someone who can really belt out a song up so close.  We were up third and chose to play a set of songs we never play live.  Why?  No idea, just seemed like a good idea.  Some selections included Destination Space, Holiday, Everybody, Beachhead and even Get In The Van.  There were 10 oldies in there and it’s safe to say it had been years since we performed most of them.  In fact I don’t think Justin has ever even played Holiday live and I know Dustin has touched a few of them outside the practice space.  We had a good time playing them (mistakes and all) but it was easy to tell why they aren’t the crowd pleasers as people’s energy level drained quickly after a few songs.  Still with only 30 people in attendance (most of whom we knew) it was all good.  Kill The Kids were last and sounded great despite the lack of their singer.  I meant to ask what happened but forgot.  Oh well.  Giving the crowd a microphone is always a scary move, but everyone there knew all the words so they wound up having about a dozen singers.  With the exception of the song where Justin accompanied them on cowbell it was a cool show.  Thanks to Andy, The Sip, KTK, BXF, the Hornswogglers and Salem P.D. for the advice on what the ticketing laws are for public sidewalks.  Happy birthday Derek and thanks for the invite to play!