Eric's Show Journal - posted on October 29, 2005 by

Show Journal 2005-10-29

364 days later and I once again find myself standing in the cold as Dave throws large handfuls of fake blood at my face. Justin looks on making obscene jokes about unspoken Japanese sexual practices. It’s about 45 degrees out. The blood is sticky, it tastes bad, it’s in my eyes and it’s starting to run down my shirt. I start to look back at my life and wonder exactly which choices have led me to this moment. Maybe I should have listened to my guidance counselor? Maybe I should have tried harder in school? Inexplicably the words “pour some on my head” come out of my mouth and in saying this I confirm that sitting at home discussing politics isn’t anywhere in my immediate future. Doing the kids homework? No thanks. Dressing up as a bloody skeleton and making people cover their ears? Now you’re talking. We kind of took a chance this year playing some place new for Halloween. You never know what to expect with a new town and a new crowd for a show. There was a crowd though and that’s a step up from the last two shows. Aside from a very small handful of people (PJ, Stephanie, Reid and the LAHF guys) I don’t think anyone had heard us, or had any idea what to expect from our set. When we walked up ready to play you could just see the “what the hell is this” expressions. People seemed to respond ok and despite the lengthy show times most everyone stayed awake and alert for the evening which we are thankful for. It’s also worth noting that Larry and His Flash rocked it hard this evening and it’s unfortunate we had to wait two hours until our set. Our set was pretty cool. Nothing earth shattering but definitely better than average. Thanks to Reid, Ang, The Meat Market, Larry And His Flask and the other bands.