Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 22, 2004 by

Show Journal 2004-07-22

This was our first show in Hillsboro, but amazingly not our first time playing in a bowling alley. We were able to get Bound To Break and The Rivals onto this show at the last minute as their show in Oregon had fallen through and it was a good move. Both were pretty entertaining to watch and seemed to be pretty cool guys. I will say that it was ironic that both had shirts for sale at their merch tables. (Sorry, had to go there) Paint By Numbers were third and despite the hour long set up time they did pretty well. It seems that as they get skinnier and skinnier they get better and better. It seems to be the reverse for us. Go figure. Lopez was fourth and I gotta say those 20 minutes were the most fun I’ve had watching a band in years. I think their punk/hardcore/rawk mixture fell on mostly deaf ears but we were all impressed with the music and stage antics. One highlight was the singer managing to knock the disco ball off the ceiling and catching it with one hand without missing a note. The funniest moment however was when he took it upon himself to blind everyone in the front of the audience (and later his band) with the incredibly bright stage light. Eventually they turned it off on him but the damage was done. It had been years since we played them and they can still rock like no one’s business. We played last and took requests. We wound up playing some songs we actually haven’t ever played live yet including ‘Roads Less Traveled’ and ‘Destination: Space’. It should be noted we saw the hand clapping and approved. Also as a request we busted out ‘ULS’ tonight, which we hadn’t played live since ’98. It was fun but now it will be retired for another 6 years. Thanks to everyone who showed up and more thanks to those who got lost and still showed up.