Eric's Show Journal - posted on July 5, 2003 by

Show Journal 2003-07-05

We got a real late start on the way to Bend and missed the first band. We did see Syris and they were kind cool. Sort of a new school / technical / stoner rock thing. Definitely different but that’s fine with me. Third up was our friends in Spare Lead. Very solid set and quite honestly it was probably the best I’ve ever seen them play. People were moving so they must have been rocking someone other than me. SDS was definitely the hit of the evening and they totally stole the show. A full set of moshing and stage diving impressed us all. I actually have a picture of a skinhead stage diving to them from this show … classic. Mad props to them for laying down the rock. Much like sex with a one legged hooker our set was difficult at first but ultimately rewarding. We had lots of technical stuff go wrong including broken guitar strings, un-tunable instruments and even a knocked over guitar amp. We barely manged to hold it all together but somewhere during our last song the stage turned into complete chaos. I can’t even describe it. People everywhere, jumping up and off the stage, only to be eclipsed by someone standing next to Dave shouting “you guys fucking rule” at him. A wild ending to say the least. After the show we headed back to PDX to get in a good 2-3 hours of sleep before the Warped Tour. Oh yeah, Jim got a real bad speeding ticket in Sandy. $305. Once again it sucks to be Jim.