Eric's Show Journal - posted on May 11, 2003 by

Show Journal 2003-05-11

My neck hurts. Why you ask? Headbanging. Uncontrollable headbanging for an entire evening. The discomfort is partially because we hadn’t played in so damn long (3 1/2 months) but mostly due to the fact that all of the bands provoked this sort of response. Despite a flaky guitar amp CTL ruled. If you haven’t seen them you are foolish. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just get your late pass and step. Damn it was nice to play again. Our whole set was kind of a blur, only occasionally interrupted by smiling faces and fists in the air. I can’t believe how much support we had and it was totally appreciated. (Now is a good time to give props to the PDX street team – you rocked!) The new songs went over well and the one we refer to as “the new metal song” appears to be everyone’s new favorite. Perhaps this was because we were at a hardcore show? Who cares, I like it. I only watched a few songs of Western Waste because quite honestly I thought I was going to vomit. This statement begs the question “Eric, why were you going to vomit?” however I’ve decided to leave it creepy and mysterious sounding with no explanation. Anyway, from what I heard they sounded good. This was my first Death By Stereo and it will not be my last. Here’s the thing about DBS … people don’t just like them passively … people LOVE them! I can totally see why too. They are amazing musicians, they have a million sing/shout along parts and their singer is insane on stage. My god they were good. There are too many thanks tonight to list individually so you’ll have to take it upon yourself to pat yourself on the back if you did any of the following: a) helped us load b) brought friends to the show c) sang along d) sold merch e) wore a shirt that said “kill eric” f) played drums or lastly g) crawled in the roof of our van with another female and simulated an orgasm while shouting “Eric, Eric, Eric”. Ah yes, it’s good to be king.