Eric's Show Journal - posted on September 21, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-09-21

I can’t believe it had been a year and a half since our last Satyricon show. Amazingly enough there were actually people there this time. Compact 56 started out and bludgeoned everyone with rock. Loud, aggressive, in your face and just awesome. They get better with each show. The Jimmies were next offering up good, solid, catchy songs but we’ve grown to expect that from them. Up third was the Hellside Stranglers. We practice down the hall from them so it was nice to actually see them play their instruments rather than hearing them through the walls. They rocked … good vocals and awesome guitar parts … very cool. Our set was good. People stuck around and cheered which is not the Satyricon that we remember. All in all a good show. After the show things started getting a little weird. We saw some good friends get in a fight, we saw people that we don’t know get in a fight, we saw some slutty drunk girls get in a fight, we saw another set of slutty drunk girls yelling at drunk guys, then we saw someone vomit outside the club, and the grand finale was Dave witnessing someone getting a hummer in a car parked next to van … it was just a weird night. I didn’t really want to leave because I felt like I would miss something. Trying to extend the excitment Dan and I cruised around the block for a while looking for more entertainment however we quickly realized the grasping hand of excitement usually passes right by two guys who smell like the Satyricon and are listening to Slayer while rolling in a station wagon. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us … you know who you are!