Eric's Show Journal - posted on September 14, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-09-14

Long show tonight but the diverse lineup made it manageable. High points included pretty much all of the 18 Fatal Strikes set. I’m always a sucker for old school hardcore, especially if that old school hardcore is complete with “bitchin’ solos”. (Their words – not mine!) In addition to rocking they have to be some of the nicest guys in the world. Well, unless of course you are standing up front and they almost start a fight with you. Blue Sky Mile rocked. Nuff said. Ambitious Career Woman was damn impressive too. It’s sad to say but I actually recognized their “name this video game theme” within six notes. Sad. Very sad. Our set was cool. Definitely nice to play somewhere new and actually have people there. Everyone seemed a little worn out after watching 5 bands (including us) so we appreciate everyone who stuck around. Big thanks to Nate for setting up the show and of course even bigger thanks go to Dan for filling in for show #4!