Eric's Show Journal - posted on September 4, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-09-04

Everything was a little crazy tonight but we’ve come to expect it from Longview. Highlights include the police barging in during CTL’s set and threatening to arrest everyone under 21. Long story but thankfully it didn’t happen. Also while the cops were there someone on a very big and very loud Harley drove it inside the club. Yes, inside. Very strange. CTL sounded great tonight. I missed Days Away because Dan and I went over to Jack In The Box. We got our food to go so we could eat it at the club but when we got back there it was already time for us to load in. That means I missed Days Away and my dinner. In fact I think my chicken pieces and fries are still out there on the street. Perhaps a homeless person will salvage a free meal from them? More realistically perhaps Dave happened upon it and threw it at someone smaller than him. Setting up took forever because we had to go straight from the van onto the stage. Thankfully the set went great. Fill in drummer #2 (you can call him ‘Dan’) played great. All in all it’s safe to say I had a lot of fun playing tonight. Up last was Tsunami Bomb and my god they sounded great. They were good before but they can totally work a crowd now. Very impressive. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night. Thanks to all who stayed late, all our guest vocalists, all our equipment loaders and of course TJ and Chris.