Eric's Show Journal - posted on August 9, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-08-09

If a band plays a song at the Paris but no one is there to hear it did they really play a song? The attendance was pretty sparse but we did have a few people who road tripped from Eugene and Bend which kind of made up for it. If our calculations are correct the flyer to person ratio was about 180 to 1. Big thanks to The Civies for playing on 6 hours notice. I would comment on their set but I missed it because on the way to Burger King I drove through a yellow light and was given a $175 ticket. What a lousy way to start off the evening. I can’t think of any other moving violation that is less glamorous than driving through a yellow. I once got a ticket for doing 71 in a 30 with no proof of insurance. Now that’s the kind of ticket you can be proud of – a real man’s ticket. The kind you can carry with you and take pride in the fact that you gave modern traffic law the middle finger. On the other hand this driving through a yellow stuff is almost embarrassing. I’m whining aren’t I? Girls don’t like whiners. In fact nobody likes a whiner. I will stop now. Back to the show. The .44 Caliber Heroes sounded great … definitely worth checking out. Compact 56 was amazing. Seriously … best I’ve ever seen them play. They sounded tough as nails. The full speed rodeo flip by Chris onto Attom’s back was quite a sight to behold. Our set was fun, Justin got drilled in the head with a beach ball, I spit a mouthful of water on Rick, Dave broke a bass string and briefly sang without an instrument, Justin did the Mick Jagger dance for me, and most importantly David played great. Thanks to Larry and apologies to Mocephus.