Eric's Show Journal - posted on May 17, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-05-17

We’ve had so many good shows recently that we are just waiting for the evil hand of karma to come deal us a nasty blow of bad luck and ill will. Not yet though. Despite the fact that the Melvins and Dead Low Tide were playing across town we had a pretty amazing turnout! Thirty 3 played first and rocked. I’m not sure what the crowd thought of them (they were probably expecting a straight up punk band) but we all know they rocked a monkey’s ass. It was nice to see them play without mullet wigs for once, but more on that later. The Confederats were up next and we were stoked they could play the show on short notice. We actually played with Greg’s old band (Thrust) in Bend quite a few times back in ’97 so it was good to see him again. They play fast, aggressive, old school skate punk and sounded great. Last up was us and we had another good show. Hell, every show we’ve had recently in Bend has been amazing. The Bend crowd rules and as Forrest Gump would say “that’s all I’ve got to say about that.” As I mentioned earlier I thought we had escaped seeing Thirty 3 in their heavy metal alter egos, but alas it was not so. During ‘Day Of The Dead’ the Thirty 3 guys appeared in matching heavy metal wigs sporting monogrammed t-shirts. I can’t remember what all of their shirts said, but I do recall that Crys’s said “I fuck on the first date.” When I think of classy people, Crys and that shirt now make my top ten list. Rumor has is they all had a choreographed routine for that song but sadly I didn’t really notice. Whenever we have a crowd of people shouting all the lines to ‘Day Of The Dead’ at us I have a hard time concentrating on anything else. Anyway, all in all a rad show. Thanks to our homegirls who hooked us up with flyers and cookies, the Rats for playing the show, Thirty 3 being cool as hell and helping clean up, and everyone in Bend who always comes to see us play. A special shot out to PJ from our street team who modified our posters to include the logos of all the bands, put the aforementioned posters up and helped get the word on the streets!