Eric's Show Journal - posted on May 4, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-05-04

Our last show in Richland was so much fun I actually consider it in the top 3 shows we’ve ever played. Believe it or not, this one was actually more fun. Man … it was such a good night. Everyone in Richland is so much fun because they all seem to get involved. Whenever we play there Dave always says “I wish you guys lived in Portland” and it’s so true. The first band was quite amusing with straight up punk rock songs about everything you can imagine. They also said they were really stoked to be playing with us which was cool to hear. I wonder if they realize how normal and lame we really are? Man oh man, our set was so much fun to play. We got to play 18 songs tonight which is amazing because we usually only play 10 or 12. We didn’t want to stop and most people didn’t seem to want to leave so we just kept playing. One really cool thing is that it was one of the local high school’s prom night this evening and I swear to you that a few people came to the show in tuxes and prom dresses! So cool to see! Thanks to Lyle for coming along to the show and being so easy to dominate at Mario Kart. Another big thanks to Dustin and everyone at Atomic Records, thanks to “our peeps” on the street team and huge thanks to everyone who came out to show despite the absence of D.O.A.!!!