Eric's Show Journal - posted on February 13, 2002 by

Show Journal 2002-02-13

Dude, who expected 300 people on a Wednesday? Certainly not me! Super cool show tonight. The Civies sounded cool with their fast Rancid-esque style. Nekromatix was really good too. There were a little more subdued than the other bands but their cool look and coffin bass more than made up for it. Tiger Army headlined and oh my word, Tiger Army rocked! The crowd went nuts for them and it was great to watch. Since their CD travels everywhere we do in the van we all knew the songs and were very impressed. Oh yeah, we played too. I would dare say I really like playing at the Meow Meow. All our shows there have been fantastic and this one was probably the best one yet. I think the funniest part of the evening was when someone snatched away our set list and scrawled their own personal favorites onto it. Very innovative way to hear your favorite songs. Big thanks to Mike Thrasher and crew, Tiger Army, Mocephus, the cookie girls, and of course the almighty SDS.