Eric's Show Journal - posted on February 23, 2001 by

Show Journal 2001-02-23

I would have never thought we could top the last Bend show. Last time there was a great lineup, tons of people there all in front of the stage and going off. Amazingly this was better. There were still three or four hundred people, except this time they were stage diving, cheering and doing the thing I love to see most, singing along with the words. That’s gotta be the best part of playing live, when people know the songs. The only thing that sucked was the kid who got knocked out cold on the stage monitors. We gave him a shirt though for taking a beating at our show. Aside from the bodily injury it was amazing, our set rocked, the crowd rocked and everything just rocked. Speaking of rock, the other bands were all great. I finally got to see most of Dead Even’s set and they rule. One Last Thing was great as usual (go buy their new cd) and Divit was very impressive as well. A lot of people started to leave while Divit was playing but it was their loss, those guys are rad. Again, super big thanks to Dead Even for setting up another amazing show and promoting the hell out of it. If you live in Bend and were at the show remember that you have those guys to thank for making it happen. Oh yeah, special shot out to Jamie and Tim from Thrust!