Eric's Show Journal - posted on December 16, 2000 by

Show Journal 2000-12-16

Back to the Rat Skellar after nearly 2 years. Unlike our last visit there was actually a crowd tonight. A pretty rowdy one at that judging by all the fights. The show was cool, we got to hang out with Greasecutter and Burnout again. Shows are always so much more memorable when you like the people in the other bands. Our set was ok, no projectiles this time and minimal beer spitting. In the course of our last 2 songs Justin managed to break a string on both of his guitars (!) and lose his guitar strap not once but twice. I find it amazing how many ways one can mess up a guitar on stage. It was kind of fun watching Justin play the rest of the set completely motionless in fear that something else would break. One strange moment this evening was when Greasecutter’s singer insisted that someone other than Dave play bass on a song. Rather than offering Dave’s bass to the increasingly drunk crowd Justin volunteered to play bass on the song so we played ‘Radio’ with one guitar, Justin on bass and Dave singing. Pretty strange. Loading out in the snow and putting chains on the van was kind of a drag but what do you expect when you play on top of a mountain?