Eric's Show Journal - posted on August 21, 2000 by

Show Journal 2000-08-21

Day 4 – I woke up early and took my first shower in 4 days. Dave woke up with a small piece of cat excrement stuck to his arm. Our van has been stinking pretty bad and we finally identified the source of the smell. It wasn’t Dave’s arm, it was actually Jims sleeping bag. It now resides in the back of the van as far away from us as possible. During the drive we stopped in a small park in Minnesota today to kill some time. We were playing on the playground rides and were suddenly approached by a small girl who thought Justin was weird. Pretty perceptive for such a young girl. So we kept playing on the swings and carousel thing with this little girl following us around from ride to ride asking us dumb questions. Finally we got over to a set of those little spring loaded animals that you sit on and rock back and forth. Anyway Dave, Jim and this 7 year old girl are all sitting on the springy animals and Justin decides to get freaky with one. He’s standing in front of the horse shaped one and starts rocking it back and forth in front of his crotch to simulate … well you can guess what. Anyway it suddenly dawns on us that he’s doing this in front a 7 year old. Dave and Jim just about fall over laughing and Justin quickly realizes what he’s doing and tries to play it off like he was doing something normal. I hope the girl’s mom wasn’t watching. That poor girl is going to be scarred forever. On to Minneapolis. We were all amped to play with Wesley Willis tonight but it turns out he cancelled. Total bummer. Despite his absence the show as he would put it, it “rocked a cheetah’s ass.” We played awesome, even more energetic than last night. Everyone seemed to dig it. Plate O’ Shrimp were cool guys and fun to watch. I’ve said it before, but 7th Street is such a cool place to play. Cool thing this year was that the club had made some massive 4 foot posters for the show which we quickly removed and acquired for ourselves. Huge thanks you to Chuck for hanging out, hooking up the place to stay and just being Chuck. No thanks to my stomach for being upset until dawn.