Eric's Show Journal - posted on March 25, 2000 by

Show Journal 2000-03-25

Ok, here’s an unusual show report … nothing bad happened tonight. In fact the whole trip was oddly …. easy. For the first time in almost 6 months we didn’t have to pack the van in the rain. In just kept getting better from there. We got to the club on time, got good gas mileage on the way, had nice weather and Dave even remembered his cd player. The show was pretty cool and really big too. Rumor has it there were over 200 people through the course of the evening. It was cool seeing a bunch of old faces again (namely Dave and “the Count”) and we also got meet some new people which a nice change from the “I’m more punk than you” crowd we sometimes encounter. Dustin is still the coolest promoter on earth. Check this out … he gave every band considerably more than their guarantee of the door (which is unheard of), got us free drinks, cooked dinner for us after the show and even gave us a quiet place to sleep. Gotta mention the other bands … we already know that the Burning Cindy’s rocked, but JP5 stole the show. The fact they hosted a mullet contest in mid-set should say it all. As much as I try not to classify bands, I’ve always got a weak spot for girls with Flying V guitars, so I’m going to have to say that they rocked. Check them out sometime. Hopefully we can follow the trail of Dave’s broken hearts back to Richland some time soon.