Eric's Show Journal - posted on October 24, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-10-24

Tonight we played at a roller skating rink with light up walls and a disco ball. The deal was 2 DJ’s and 2 bands. A weird idea with an equally weird vibe. There was a couple hundred kids there, but most were between the ages of 14-17. If that wasn’t strange enough, about half were there for the bands and half for the mtv puff daddy dance party mix. Anyway, despite the terrible dance music the show went fine. A lot of the kids really seemed to have fun so that kinda made the show for us (its not everyday you see a pit in a roller skating rink). Thrust wasn’t quite as fortunate … their set got cut after only 20 minutes. This was met by the cheers of ‘fuck you’ and ‘bullshit’ directed towards the owner. Anyway, 20 minutes was probably all it took to school most of these kids in the ways of real punk rock. After the show (and an encounter with Bend’s west side posse) we crashed as Thrust’s fly pimp palace. The thing is a shrine to music and skateboarding. We wasted the night away delving into deep discussion about everything from snowboarding at Bachelor to the physiological implications of the mother nut. If you are ever in Bend, keep an eye out for these guys … they will rock you.