Eric's Show Journal - posted on August 28, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-08-28

We arrived at Suburbia to find a note on the door that said “no show tonight.” So we were kinda bummed that we drove all that way for nothing. We went out to find a pay phone, came back and we see another van parked with a group of people staring at the sign. If turns out they were the headlining band (called 7-X) and they had driven from the bay area in CA. Now that’s a long drive for a cancelled show. Apparently this was the second cancellation on their tour and it just had started a few days before. Anyway, to make a long story short, we called a bunch of places and eventually we managed to get them a show at another club downtown. They are playing again in Portland in a few days and hopefully we can catch up with them again. They were real nice and I hope the rest of their tour goes well. Also since I forgot, I wanted to thank them for the pizza.