Eric's Show Journal - posted on June 29, 1997 by

Show Journal 1997-06-29

Another pretty cool show in Portland. It was an all ages show with 3 other bands. Short Round from Eugene was awesome. It was Phill Wanted’s first show and they rocked hard. One of these days they are going to rule this town. We play again with them in 2 days which should be fun. We unveiled the Volvo song at this show and it went over well. The sound guy said we were the loudest band he’s heard in a while. There were girls in the front covering their ears which left us with an oddly enjoyable feeling. Someone said we were good musicians … that was pretty cool. Wrong, but pretty cool. One crappy thing happened that I’m dying to mention. Two of Dave’s friends showed up to see us and were told that they couldn’t come in because “dressed appropriately to see a show here.” If someone is willing to show up on a Sunday afternoon and pay 5 bucks to see some local bands, should it matter what they are wearing? I guess I didn’t realize there was a fashion show going on.