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Show Journal 1996-12-10

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was the last 800 Octane show in Boone before we all headed off to Portland. I didn’t get to play this one and gladly relinquished the honor to Greg who had been filling in for me at practices and shows throughout the year. Since it was a somewhat special occasion for our band everyone dressed in costumes. Dave dressed up as Elvis, Greg was an Insane Clown, and Bryan in typical Bryan fashion opted to dress up a Bruce Jenner. I can’t recall what Paul dressed up as. Does anyone remember? Looking back this was the end of a lot of things. This was Paul’s last show in the band and well as the end of Greg’s filling in on guitar. We didn’t know it at the time it was the end of our old sound. The following month we moved to Portland as a 3 piece and have never sounded the same since. What’s really funny is that we had about 30-40 good solid songs and I think we currently only play 2 or 3 those any more. Amazing how quickly things can change.