Eric's Show Journal - posted on May 26, 1996 by

Show Journal 1996-05-26

(Added Mar. 2002) – This is classic. The WE Festival was (maybe still is?) a big showcase with tons of bands, films, art, etc. We were offered a slot playing at a house that was supposedly going to have a big draw. Tons of unscheduled bands showed up and bullied there way onto the show and to we finally began to set up around 5 in the morning. 5 in the morning!!! So we are plugging in amps, setting up drums, and out of nowhere these kinda strung out looking tattooed dudes come over and ask if we can play with our equipment when we are done. It’s 5 in the morning, we still haven’t played yet, there are about 20 people left in the place and these guys want to play a set after us with our stuff? No fucking way. Bryan ended up telling them no and they wandered off upstairs. A friend comes over and informs us that the people we said no to were some of the guys from the band Buzzoven and that they are pissed. Great. The heaviest freaking band from NC is pissed at us. So we start to play and guess who comes back downstairs? The guys from Buzzoven sat in the back while we played and threw cans, pizza boxes and other crap at us for most of our set. Eventually they went upstairs and waited for us by our van. We finally finished playing and began to pack up all the while realizing we are a few short minutes away from getting our ass kicked by Buzzoven. Long story short, they didn’t actually do anything. They just mumbled under their breath and stared us down. Still it was a pretty tense load out with them right there. We were all a little bummed too because Buzzoven was a pretty big band and not only did they not like us … but they wanted to kick or asses too. Oh yeah, we loaded out in the daylight.