Eric's Show Journal - posted on February 17, 1996 by

Show Journal 1996-02-17

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was our first real road trip. We got this cool show booked in Dave’s hometown with some friends of his so we made plans to cruise up there. Bryan ended up having some issue where he couldn’t go so we found a local drummer named Daniel, taught him the songs on a Wednesday and drove up to play on Friday. This was the first show where we were an anonymous out of town band and it was so liberating to play where no one knows you. I still love that about playing out of town. All in all it was a great show … even with the borrowed drummer. A van was rented specifically for this trip. After using a real van once we bought our own van shortly after this trip. I also remember this was the first time I saw the Swank CD and I was so disappointed that I ended up smashing mine before even opening it. The artwork looked like total shit. Wrong font, bad pictures, lame design, it was just … bad. When I finally opened up another one I discovered that the pictures were really washed out and crappy looking. To top it off due to a poor DAT transfer the CD plays slower than the studio original. The whole thing sounds flat and slow because of it. God I was so pissed. I think I still am. Lesson to other bands … get proof copies of your artwork and recordings!