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Show Journal 1995-09-09

(Added Oct. 2001) – God I used to love Antiseen. If you lived in N.C. and you liked punk then you like Antiseen. I remember before this show Jeff Clayton (the very tough, frequently bloody and heavily tattooed singer for Antiseen) called over to Dave’s apartment to confirm the show. Dave’s roommate Matt (also a huge Antiseen fan) answered the phone and came in the living to announces “Dave, Jeff Clayton is on the phone for you!” We were all so excited about that and started shouting! I remember those guys were surprisingly nice when we finally met them and my god they rocked live. After that show Dave announced there was a party at Lee and Paul’s house. Antiseen and all their biker friends showed up to the house to kick it! I bailed early from the party but the next morning I drove by and there were Harley’s in the front yard and a few bikers passed out on the couch. Crazy evening.