Eric's Show Journal - posted on February 17, 1995 by

Show Journal 1995-02-17

(Added Mar. 2002) – When I think of a stereotypical wild college party this is the one that comes to mind. There were literally between 200-300 people at this little house just out of the Boone city limits. We played upstairs for about an hour and a half and people went absolutely nuts the ENTIRE time! We played every cover we knew and the place just went off. Circle pits, shouting along, throwing stuff, broken bottles, broken windows, you name it. The best part was that there were so many people upstairs that the floor permanently warped into a U shape. Seriously! The ceiling below was concave the next morning! If I recall this was the night that Rick from the Husbians presented us the lyrics for his hit song “Diapers”.