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Show Journal 1995-01-14

(Added Oct. 2001) – There was a big storm on the way to this show and we were forced to drive 2 cars. Not too many people came out because of the crazy mountain weather. The show was so-so but the drive home was nuts! Dave had a Jeep Cherokee with all the gear and I was driving a little Honda Prelude with 5 (!) people in it. The aforementioned storm dropped something like 2 feet of rain an hour for the entire time we played. We came to find out the road on our way home was closed by the police and there was a curfew in effect. We were left to find another way home and to make a long story short we drove an additional 3 hours across downed power lines, over trees, through rock and mud slides, and drove through streams and puddles so high that it seeped through my car doors! The whole time we were avoiding the police so we wouldn’t get ticketed! That meant stopping and turning the lights off at the sight of any oncoming traffic. We ended up staying with our friend Sam on Sugar Mountain and arrived there just before dawn. It was such a crazy drive because everything was so messed up due to the flooding and storms. Downtown Banner Elk was flooded like I’ve never seen before. Another amusing story about this trip is that the next morning was the day that Bryan’s hair was so big when he awoke that we all laughed ourselves to tears. Literally it was like a 3 foot tall bushy afro. He ended up shaving it the next day.