Eric's Show Journal - posted on November 18, 1994 by

Show Journal 1994-11-18

(Added Oct. 2001) – This was a real messed up night. We ended up having to bring the PA which took 3 cars to accomplish. The show was at an all-ages teen club. If I recall only 4 kids came out. 2 were a pair of 14 year olds that kept hitting on our friend Tim and at one point flashed him. Yuck. I recall the stage being on 4 very tall ‘blocks’ of different heights. Very 70’s looking. It’s weird playing with band members above and below you. I vividly recall Dave observing the disco ball and announcing that “Hoss refuses to play until the disco light spins”. We were amused but I can’t imagine anyone else was. The agitated door person slowly wandered off to make the lights go so Dave would shut up. The lights made me sick and I thought I was going to fall off the 8 foot high “block.” I do remember being impressed with Load. They were from Miami and had played with L7 at one time. We thought they were the shit because they were on tour. Another fond memory was the drive … downtown Bristol has a huge light up sign which reads ‘Bristol’ in 50 foot letters. We were driving under and Bryan rolls down his window (remember we are in 3 cars) and yells to us “are we in Bristol yet?” That’s why we love Bryan.